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Canadian lifestyles by postal code

Posted by Carys Mills in Mapping on Monday, March 30, 2015

Toronto neighbourhoods, as defined by Prizm (Map: courtesy of Environics Analytics)

Downtown Toronto has a cluster of urban digerati, with pockets of single city jazz, Asian new wave and Asian avenues. Further from the core, there’s boomerang city, South Asian society, emptying nests and more.

Those categories are according to “segmentation” profiles, released last week by marketing and analytical company Environics Analytics, classifying each Canadian postal code as one of 68 lifestyle segments, complete with information about lifestyle, income, demographics and more.

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Video of the week: Lynx spotting

Posted by Calvin Dao in Wildlife on Friday, March 27, 2015

In what seems to be this week's viral hit, one Terrace Bay, Ont. woman is taking 'cat person' to the next level.

"What's up, buddy?" says Beth-Ann Colebourne to a wild lynx she spotted hanging around a post office. "What are you doing? Come here!"

Although lynxes are shy animals and aren't known for attacking humans, the Ontario government has a list of things to do when spotting a lynx. Approaching it and inviting it to come to you is not on that list.

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Throwback thursday: 1930's electricity advertisement

Posted by Carys Mills in Energy on Thursday, March 26, 2015

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Back in 1931, "modern gifts" included fancy irons, percolators, toasters and waffle irons.

Not only were the appliances modern, they were "electrical servants," says a Canadian General Electric advertisement that ran in the June 1931 issue of Canadian Geographical Journal.

"Most welcome of all gifts is the General Electric Hotpoint Range . . . the range that was 'designed by women for women'" reads part of the ad, which also says "these are the gifts that will give lasting service and pleasure."

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Review of Spirit Bear Family documentary

Posted by Calvin Dao in Wildlife on Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The mother Spirit Bear and her two black cubs (Photo: Jeff Turner).

“In these dark, ancient forests, lives a creature of legend.” Thus begins Spirit Bear Family, a new wildlife documentary about the elusive Kermode bear.

“This is not an albino or polar bear,” filmmaker Jeff Turner says over the introductory shot of the white bear, “but a rare colour face of the North American black bear known as the spirit bear.”

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Museum Week reveals secrets across Canada

Posted by Carys Mills in Community on Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Did you know the Royal Ontario Museum has a room devoted entirely to horns? (Photo: @ROMToronto / Twitter)

[View the story "#MuseumWeek: Secrets revealed" on Storify]

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