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Video of the week: Alex Trebek gives career/life advice

Posted by Sabrina Doyle in The RCGS on Friday, May 20, 2016

Could Alex Trebek get any more wonderful? The Sudbury-born Jeopardy! host, philanthropist and human rights spokesperson was recently appointed Honorary President of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and from the video above, it's clear why.

The famous champion of geographical education dished some valuable career and life advice to a gymnasium full of students at Roberta Bondar Public School in Ottawa, Ontario.

"Whatever you wind up doing in your life, money's not the most important ...

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Video of the Week: Musical moose plays wind chimes

Posted by Thomas Hall in Wildlife on Friday, May 13, 2016

Many love the dulcet tones of wind chimes — even moose. Yup, apparently even moose enjoy tickling the…err…. aluminum.

“As I lay in bed this evening, I could hear my wind chime blowing up, but when I looked out the window, not even a blade of grass budged,” Britta Schroeder wrote on her YouTube page, from her home in Healy, Alaska near Denali National Park.

Schroeder said she heard a thump and her dog’s ears perked up. When she peeked outside she saw a moose playing the chimes. The video, ...

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Video of the week: Watch the northern lights from space

Posted by Alexandra Pope in Science & Technology on Friday, April 22, 2016

You'll want to make this video full-screen.

Earlier this week, NASA announced its new ultra-high definition (UHD) television channel by releasing this stunning compilation of aurora timelapses shot from the International Space Station.

Both the aurora borealis and their southern hemisphere counterpart, the aurora australis, are featured in gorgeous "4K" definition. 4K HD televisions have a screen resolution of more than 8 million pixels in total — four times the number in Full HD — so everything ...

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Video of the Week: Vancouver kayaker has close encounter with whale

Posted by Alexandra Pope in Wildlife on Friday, April 15, 2016

A screenshot from a video showing a humpback whale breaching close to a kayaker. Watch the video below. (Image via Instagram user johnnyvanuck)

A Vancouver man will have a whale of a tale to tell his friends in years to come.

Instagram user "johnnyvanuck" set out by kayak with a friend April 11 in search of a humpback whale that had reportedly been spotted feeding in English Bay.

"My heart started racing when I saw small fish swimming to the surface in a frenzy. I knew it was close," he wrote in the caption of the video he later posted to Instagram — but he didn't know how close. The whale suddenly breached right next to the man's ...

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Video of the week: Newborn penguin chicks get a check-up

Posted by Rachael Kelly in Wildlife on Friday, April 8, 2016

Time to ring Mr. Popper because the Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England has welcomed four newborn Humboldt penguin chicks to the family!

Each year, zookeepers name their chicks according to a specific theme. In 2016, the theme chosen was popular UK snacks. Wotsit, Quaver, Frazzle and Cheeto were the first Humboldt penguins to hatch at the zoo this year.

In the above video, the adorable young'uns are weighed, coming in at 75 grams.

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