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Kokanee salmon population bounces back in Kluane National Park

Posted by Vanessa Hrvatin in Wildlife on Friday, June 24, 2016

Parks Canada is seeing an increase in the numbers of kokanee found in Kluane National Park and Reserve (Photo: Parks Canada)

The return of over 5,000 kokanee salmon to Kluane National Park in southwest Yukon in 2015 was cause for excitement after the population was nearly declared extinct in 2009.

“Historically about 3,000 kokanee return to the spawning beds, but in the early 2000’s the population plummeted to several hundred, and in 2009 we only counted 20 fish,” says Carmen Wong, ecological team leader with Parks Canada. “So the return of this many fish is truly astounding.”

The reason for the salmon’s return ...

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Canada's Coolest School Trip goes whitewater rafting

Posted by Thomas Hall in The RCGS on Monday, June 13, 2016

Jasper, Alta. as seen from the summit of Whistlers Mountain. On the final day of Canada's Coolest School Trip, the students went whitewater rafting, rode the Jasper SkyTram and soaked in the Miette Hot Springs. (Photo: Thomas Hall/Canadian Geographic)

“Hold on and lean in!” the guide shouted over the rumble of the 20-person raft as it slammed into a series of standing waves known as haystacks. The glacial water of the Athabasca River poured over the students.

“It’s cold!”

“It’s in my shoes!”

“My pants are soaked!”

“Don’t worry it’s the other side's turn next,” the guide from Jasper Raft Tours said.

The students emptied shoes and wrung out pant legs while the raft lazily spun down the river toward another series of waves. The toe-numbing ...

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Canada's Coolest School Trip explores skywalks, glaciers

Posted by Thomas Hall in The RCGS on Thursday, June 9, 2016

The students took in the views and conquered their fears on the Glacier Skywalk. (Photo: Jessica Finn/Canadian Geographic)

“You can do it Mrs. O’Brien, just look up and follow us.” Step by step the principal of Duke of Connaught school was led by Mrs. Ramsay’s Grade 7/8 class around Jasper National Parks newest stomach flipping adventure: the skywalk.

Jutting out 35 metres from the cliff face and hanging 280 metres above the valley floor, the clear glass of the Brewster Travel’s Glacier Skywalk is an excellent way to see glaciers, but also a harrowing experience for those afraid of heights. And Mrs. O'Brien wasn’t ...

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Canada's Coolest School Trip ventures into Maligne Canyon

Posted by Thomas Hall in The RCGS on Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The students dropped pebbles from Third Bridge in Maligne Canyon and counted the number of seconds it took for them to hit the water. (Photo: Jessica Finn/Canadian Geographic)

The students are peering over the edge of Maligne Canyon, a sinuous 50 metre deep chute carved out of the limestone by the Malign River. The thunder of the water is echoing off the cliff faces so that even at a few steps away it’s hard to hear people talking.

“It sounds like Toronto rush hour,” Jaden Fairclough says. Jasper National Park’s Maligne Canyon may be half a continent away from Toronto, and the only traffic along its steep paths are the tourists and black bears, but it’s a fitting ...

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Canada's Coolest School Trip arrives in Jasper National Park

Posted by Thomas Hall in The RCGS on Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Canada's Coolest School Trip experiences a traditional smudge ceremony. (Photo: Jessica Finn/Canadian Geographic)

With a few quick rolls of a feather the pungent smoke rises from the shell and tumbles over the heads, hearts and feet of the stock-still students. The only sound is the rustle of a dry wind in the tall surrounding aspens and the burble of glacier water in the nearby brook.

“Smudge is a prayer,” Matricia Brown, a local Cree knowledge keeper, said. “This smudge is made of four sacred medicines: sage, sweet grass, tobacco and cedar. We take the medicines and burn them to purify.” She inhales deeply. ...

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