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By the numbers: Water in Canada

Posted by Alexandra Pope in Nature on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

World Water Day fact: Canada is home to seven per cent of the world's renewable freshwater. (Photo: Tomislav Stefanac/CanGeo Photo Club

March 22nd is World Water Day, a United Nations-led initiative to provoke conversation and action on water issues around the globe.

The theme for 2016 is "Water and Jobs." In a video statement officially recognizing the day, Guy Rider, chair of UN-Water, said most people are aware that access to clean water underpins all efforts to achieve sustainable development. What is not so clear, Rider said, is that water is also fundamental to the creation of quality jobs.

"Today, almost half of the ...

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Giant floor map heads to Vancouver for leadership summit

Posted by Alexandra Pope in The RCGS on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society's Boreal Forest giant floor map will be on display in the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement booth at GLOBE 2016. (Photo: Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement)

This week, hundreds of business executives, government officials and influential members of civil society from 50 countries will meet in Vancouver to discuss market-driven solutions to environmental challenges at the GLOBE 2016 Leadership Summit for Sustainable Business. While there, they'll have a chance to see Canada in a new way: by exploring the Royal Canadian Geographical Society's giant floor map of Canada's Boreal Forest.

The map will be on display in the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement ...

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Canadian documentary explores worrisome disappearance of songbirds

Posted by Alexandra Pope in Wildlife on Thursday, February 25, 2016

In a powerful scene from The Messenger, volunteers from the Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) display the bodies of hundreds of songbirds found dead on the streets of Toronto as a result of bird-building collisions.

Birds have long been considered the heralds of change: of the weather, of the seasons and even of impending disasters.

A new Canadian documentary premiering Friday in Toronto warns that birds around the world are sending a message humanity can't afford to ignore.

The Messenger, directed by Su Rynard, traces the worrisome disappearance of songbirds to a number of human-made threats and cautions that the fate of the birds foretells our own.

"Birds are environmental indicators," says Rynard. ...

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Ultra-sustainable ‘earthship’ built in Alberta

Posted by Novah Riggio in Energy on Wednesday, February 4, 2015

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There’s sustainable housing, and then there’s sustainable housing. The Kinney family in Southern Alberta is living the latter, in what can only be described as the MacGyver of net-zero homes.

Last summer more than 30 volunteers from around the world and a hired crew of 13 people from New Mexico helped the Kinneys build what is known as an ‘earthship’. This self-sustaining, eco-friendly home is the brainchild of Earthship Biotecture Founder and Principal Architect, Mike Reynolds. It is an off-grid living structure made primarily out of recycled materials like empty beer cans, old tires and used glass bottles.

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An innovative project is using Arctic greenhouses to build food security and community well-being

Posted by John Bennett in The Polar Blog on Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Grade 4 class visits the Kuujjuaq, Que. greenhouse. (Photo: Ellen Avard)

Food is expensive in the Arctic. Whether you’re gassing up your snowmobile to go seal hunting for your dinner or browsing the shelves at the grocery store — where a cabbage can cost more than $20 — feeding a family well can be challenging. Hunting and fishing are still important, but nowadays Inuit eat more “market food” than ever before. The least nutritious food is also the least expensive, and many Inuit live on low incomes. Heart disease and obesity are rising, while communities struggle with youth suicide and other social problems linked to rapid change.

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