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Throwback Thursday - Canada’s Debt to the Indians

Posted by Michela Rosano in History on Thursday, February 12, 2015

Crowfoot with his CPR Pass.

“Does it not argue also that their 115,000 descendants, those who remain on reserves and are still classed as Indians, will some day become admirable citizens, provided we give them a reasonable opportunity?”

Diamond Jenness poses this question at the end of his article in the May 1939 issue of the Canadian Geographical Journal, “Canada’s Debt To The Indians.” The article explains the aboriginal origins of many material goods and activities that Europeans and those of European-descent in the ...

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Throwback Thursday: a tradition of wolf covers

Posted by Sabrina Doyle in Photography on Thursday, January 1, 2015

The December 2009 cover of Canadian Geographic, which is celebrating 85 years of making Canada better known to Canadians.

Bring on the champagne! A new year begins today, which is worthy of celebration by itself, but your friends at Canadian Geographic and The Royal Canadian Geographical Society have another reason to break out the bubbly: 2015 marks 85 years of publishing the magazine you know and love.

To celebrate, we'll be looking back at some of our favourite content from the past 85 years. Each week we'll feature a different story, photo or even select advertisements that spoke to us in one way or another.

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10 surprising facts about communication in Canada

Posted by Aaron Kylie in History on Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A statue of a man reading the Montreal Gazette, Canada's oldest continuously operating newspaper. (Photo: Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose/Wikimedia Commons)

Over the last few weeks I’ve been sharing a selection of my favourite stats and feats from my new book Canadian Geographic Biggest and Best of Canada: 1000 Facts & Figures (in stores now!). If you enjoy trivia, particularly Canadian trivia, or have a particular fascination with Canadian facts and accomplishments, you’ll surely enjoy my book. In the hopes of further capturing your interest, I’ve been sharing a top-10 selection of items from each category that particularly stood out for me. This week: communications.

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How maps were used to politicize early Canada

Posted by Harry Wilson in Mapping on Monday, December 22, 2014

Herman Moll's map of the world from 1697 (Map: Frank Schulenburg/Wikimedia Commons)

It’s safe to say that Dennis Reinhartz probably knows as much about Herman Moll — the man who created what’s commonly referred to as the beaver map (pictured below) — as anyone in the world. Although Reinhartz, the author of The Cartographer and the Literati: Herman Moll and His Intellectual Circle, is now retired from his position as professor of history and Russian at the University of Texas at Arlington, his keen interest in Moll and the history of cartography hasn’t faded.

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Plotting an Arctic journey

Posted by Hugh Dale-Harris in Mapping on Monday, October 20, 2014

The New Land 2013 expedition enters a rock-carved canyon on Ellesmere Island, Nunavut (Photos courtesy of New Land 2013).

Editor’s note: What goes into deciding where to travel in the Canadian Arctic? In this second northern-themed instalment of our Map Monday series, Hugh Dale-Harris explains how his New Land Expedition team chose their route. Read his first post on the differences between navigating in the north vs. the south.

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