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Throwback Thursday: Rattlesnakes!

Posted by Nick Walker in History on Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Prairie rattlesnake in biologist Malcolm Stark's 1980s study (Photo: Canadian Geographic Archives)

“DON’T go wandering around in Prairie coulees!” I thought that would have made a better headline for the feature story in Canadian Geographic's June/July 1986 issue. Instead, it’s titled: “Rattlesnakes! All they ask is a little respect.” Which is true, they do deserve respect. But this story did initially have me envisioning the dry gulches and hillsides of southern Alberta and southwest Saskatchewan carpeted with coiled venomous reptiles.

(Map: Canadian Geographic Archives)

They’re not, of ...

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Viking ship arrives in Newfoundland after transatlantic journey

Posted by Vanessa Hrvatin in History on Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Gokstad Viking ship replica at the World's Columbian Exposition Chicago in 1893.

Draken Harald Hårfagre—the world’s largest modern Viking ship—has arrived in St. Anthony, Newfoundland. The ship, which set sail from Haugesund, Norway at the end of April, is recreating the first ever transatlantic crossing and the Viking discovery of the New World over a thousand years ago.

It will have a few other Canadian stops including Quebec City and Toronto, before concluding its journey in New York at the end of September.

The crew—comprised of 32 volunteers selected from 4,000 applicants—might ...

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A brief history of Canada’s climate change agreements

Posted by Vanessa Hrvatin in Nature on Monday, May 30, 2016

A view of the presiding table at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in 1992. (Photo: UN Photo/Michos Tzovaras)

Trying to curb climate change is a complex and global effort. How has Canada fared in the crusade?

In the June issue of Canadian Geographic, we focused on climate change, and looked back at Canada's role in the 1992 Earth Summit.

Here's a bit of what's happened in the almost quarter-century since.

The Earth Summit, 1992

At the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (also know as the Earth Summit) Canada was considered to be at the forefront of the environmental movement. ...

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Throwback Thursday: Montreal's multicultural "main" street

Posted by Thomas Hall in History on Thursday, May 26, 2016

(Photo: Canadian Geographic Archives)

“The Main,” as St. Laurent Blvd is known to Montrealers, is not the longest street in the city, nor is it the oldest, but there is no better place to take the pulse of the bustling metropolis.

The Main, as St. Laurent is known to Montrealers, bisects the city both literally (addresses increase to the east and west from it) and figuratively as the divide between the English and French speaking communities of the city. In the April/May 1981 issue of Canadian Geographic, writer Jennifer Harper ...

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Throwback Thursday: Vancouver then and now

Posted by Alexandra Pope in Photography on Thursday, May 19, 2016

Downtown Vancouver looking toward the North Shore Mountains circa 1936. (Photo: Canadian Geographic archives)

"Montreal, Quebec and Toronto count their age by centuries," wrote Gerald McGeer in the May 1936 issue of the Canadian Geographical Journal, but Vancouver "has only this year reached the stage of honouring its 50th birthday."

Another 80 years have elapsed since McGeer's story was published, yet one can't help but notice that the similarities between Vancouver at 50 and Vancouver at 130 outnumber the differences.

Then, as now, the city's relative youthfulness defined its identity. An 1882 ...

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