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English Warbow making waves in Canada

Posted by Emanuela Campanella in History on Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Jake Fenwick shooting his English Warbow. (Photo: Gary Lee)

If he weren’t wearing jeans and a T-shirt, Jake Fenwick would pass for Robin Hood.

Together with the Canadian Warbow Society, Fenwick has introduced the study and practice of the English Warbow to Canadian shores. The young bowman hopes archers can appreciate the craft and shooting the historical weapon.

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Throwback Thursday: Dealy Island's connection to the lost Franklin ships

Posted by Siobhan McClelland in Franklin Expedition on Thursday, August 21, 2014

Graves on Dealy Island, Nunavut. The ships Resolute and Intrepid are in the background. (Illustration: Public Archives of Canada)

Is Dealy Island, Nunavut a deadly island for explorers?

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Throwback Thursday: The Romance of Northern Exploration

Posted by Siobhan McClelland in Franklin Expedition on Thursday, August 7, 2014

Graves of some of the crew from the 1845 Franklin Expedition. (Photo: Russell A. Potter)

Canada's North has a long history of exploration. For centuries, explorers have travelled by foot, dog-team, boat and canoe as they looked for the elusive Northwest Passage or a better fur-trade route. Some wanted to secure a spot in Western Canada while others attempted to map what was then new territory.

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Geo Quiz on the Franklin Expedition

Posted by Siobhan McClelland in Franklin Expedition on Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Statue of Sir John Franklin in Spilsby, England. (Photo: Dave Hitchborne)

Canadians know about Sir John Franklin's last fateful expedition in 1845. But when were his first two expeditions? When did he die? Who searched for the missing Franklin Expedition ships in the mid-1800s?

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Throwback Thursday: The Fate of Sir John Franklin

Posted by Siobhan McClelland in Franklin Expedition on Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sir John Franklin (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

One hundred years after Sir John Franklin set off with his crews on his third and final journey into Canada's North, neither Canadian Geographic nor the Canadian government had forgotten the expedition.

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