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Please take a few moments to describe your experience with the Canadian Atlas Online Learning Centre and to offer your opinions on how to make the lesson plans even better for classroom use.

Upon completing the survey your name will be entered in a draw to win The Canadian Atlas: Our Nation, Environment and People (2004) a value of $75.

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Information about the respondent

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School or Institution
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Questions about the Learning Centre

1. How did you discover the Canadian Atlas Online (CAOL)?
 Web engine search
 Canadian Council for Geographic Education
 Canadian Geographic magazine
 Professional association
 Other (please specify)   
2. Have you used the Canadian Atlas Online in the classroom?
 Yes        No
2a. If yes, which part(s) did you use? Please check all that apply.
 thematic content, e.g. Climate Change
 mapping tool
 Learning Centre and lesson plans
 other e.g. glossary, games and quizzes
2b. Which part(s) did you assign to students for in-class or homework activity? Please check all that apply.
 thematic content, e.g. Climate Change
 mapping tool
 Learning Centre and lesson plans
 other e.g. glossary, games and quizzes
3. How often did you use or refer to the Canadian Atlas Online in the past school year?
 Once a day
 Once a week
 Once a month
 Once or twice during the school year
4. In the Learning Centre, there are lesson plans linked to the thematic content. There are various ways to search for lesson plans. Please rank the following in terms of importance to you when conducting a search.
Scale: 1 = most important; 3 = least important

 Subject or theme

 Province and Territory

 Grade Level (elementary, middle and senior)
5. The CAOL lesson plans are developed to complement the thematic content and to support the teaching of social studies and geography in the classroom. Please rank each element of the lesson plan in order of importance to your teaching.
Use the scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is ‘very important’ and 5 is ‘not at all important.’

Lesson overview

Grade level

Time required to complete the lesson

Curriculum connection

Link to the Canadian National Geography Standards

Additional resources, materials and equipment required to teach the lesson such as access to a computer for each student
Main objective of the lesson

Learning outcomes

Lesson (table detailing the Introduction, the Development and the Conclusion of the lesson for both teacher and students)

Lesson extension

Assessment of Student Learning

Student activity (e.g. worksheets which can be downloaded and copied)
6. Are there topics or themes listed below that you would like to see included or enhanced in the Canadian Atlas Online? Please check all that apply.
 Aboriginal topics
 Alternate energy
 Canada’s North
 Canada’s regions
 Climate change
 Exploration and Discovery
 Space and off-earth geography
 Other (please specify)   
7. Please estimate the number of students in your school who would have been exposed to the Canadian Atlas Online?
 130        31100        101-250        More than 250
8. Do you have any other comments or observations on the Canadian Atlas Online?