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Canada is one of only a few industrialized nations that can claim to be a net exporter of energy; we export more than we import. In 2009, natural gas was the largest energy export for Canada in terms of volume, followed by crude oil, refined petroleum products (such household goods like carpets, clothing, washing detergent, etc.), natural gas liquids and primary electricity.

Featured lesson plan: A Tale of Children in Two Countries: Bolivia and Canada

The lesson begins with a comparison between the standard of living experienced by children in Bolivia with that experienced by children in Canada and then moves on to explore the importance of international assistance. Following a double bar graph assignment in which students illustrate two notable contrasts in the children’s standards of life, a discussion of quotations on the subject of humanitarianism and an introduction to the 0.7% commitment to Official Development Assistance, students create a visual art project (accompanied by persuasive words) intended to inspire humanitarianism.