Wind energy

The power of wind has been harnessed around the world for centuries. Trace the history of wind technologies from sailboats to wind turbines in the Wind Energy section.

Featured lesson plan: First Nations Early Survival and Trade: The Coast Tsimshian

First Nations societies were highly advanced in their societal structures and economic systems. This lesson will focus on one of the coastal First Nations, the Tsimshian of British Columbia. The Tsimshian depended on the intensive exploitation of salmon supplemented by other fishing and by hunting and gathering. For at least part of the year they lived in villages, and their economies relied on regular, seasonal migrations to other locations for specific resources. All Tsimshian were members of hierarchical kinship groups in which status differences were inherited. Kinship groups from the same village owned contiguous territories for fishing, hunting, and gathering. At elaborate potlatches the giving of luxury goods validated status and title. The system was financed by corporate (kinship-group) production for surplus goods that could be exchanged or traded over long distances. The main themes will be village locations of the Tsimshian, their trade routes, methods of transportation, and items of trade.