Stick your head in a grizzly bear's mouth and it's unlikely you'll live to tell the tale. But Doug Seus does this all the time without hesitation.

Seus, a professional animal trainer for films, appears in this week's video wrestling and playing with a nearly 2.6-metre-tall grizzly bear weighing 589 kilograms. One of three grizzlies on Seus' Utah property, the bear acts more like a pet than a wild animal. But don't be fooled — this bear received plenty of training, allowing him to work with movie stars like Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. You won't meet grizzlies like this when hiking through Canada's forests.

While fascinating to watch, do you think these wild creatures should be tamed? Did you find the images disturbing? Does it make a difference that Seus also has a charity to help protect wildlife habitat? Let us know what you think. Add a comment below, or tell us on Twitter at @CanGeo or on Facebook.