In a world first, police are training birds of prey to attack illegal drones. The Netherlands' National Police is working with Guard From Above, a company that trains raptors to intercept enemy drones.

As drones become more popular, regulators and law enforcement agencies are working to determine the best ways to police these varied and adaptable gizmos.

It can be tricky, because finding the 'driver' of an unwanted drone is not always an easy thing to do. So in some cases, the police are examining the possibilities of removing unwanted drones by force.

Although the Dutch police force has not decided whether the birds of prey option will be the route they want to take, a filmed demonstration shows how the trained eagle flies toward a drone, grabs it, and brings it to the ground in a safe place where it won't harm either humans or other birds.

Although the video is narrated in Dutch, the visual is remarkable.