• Alex Trebek

Could Alex Trebek get any more wonderful? The Sudbury-born Jeopardy! host, philanthropist and human rights spokesperson was recently appointed Honorary President of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and from the video above, it's clear why.

The famous champion of geographical education dished some valuable career and life advice to a gymnasium full of students at Roberta Bondar Public School in Ottawa, Ontario.

"Whatever you wind up doing in your life, money's not the most important thing. Keep that in mind right now," Trebek told the rapt youngsters. "The most important thing is you finding something you're good at, and something you enjoy doing."

Among the many student geography competitions that Trebek has hosted in the last few decades, his critical support of the annual Canadian Geographic Challenge stands out. He has helped revitalize the nation-wide competition, which on June 3-5 will once again culminate in a live in-person final showdown for 20 of Canada's best young geographers.