• a 3D hologram of a person projected into a life-sized pod

    A 3D hologram of a person is projected from one place to another using the TeleHuman2 videoconferencing system. (Photo: Queen's University Human Media Lab)

Forget Facetime, and teleconferencing? That's so 2017.

Last week, a Queen's University professor unveiled a new way for people to virtually communicate, and it's something right out of a science fiction novel.

TeleHuman 2 is billed as the world's first truly holographic video conferencing system. It 'teleports' live, 3D images of a person from one place to another. The technology was developed by Roel Vertegaal, head of the Queen's Human Media Lab, and uses a ring of intellegent projectors to transmit an image inside a retro-reflective, human-sized cylindrical pod. The image of the person can be seen from every angle and 3D glasses aren't needed. This is the second iteration of Vertegaal's TeleHuman technology, which was first debuted in 2012 and only allowed for a single viewer wearing 3D glasses to see the projection.

Check out the video below to learn more about TeleHuman 2: