• PAV, personal aerial vehicle, flying vehicle

    BlackFly has been in development secretly for the past nine years by OPENER, an aviation company founded in Warkworth, Ont. and now based in Palo Alto, California. (Photo: Courtesy OPENER)

BlackFly is the world’s first ultralight all-electric fixed-wing extreme short/vertical take-off and landing aircraft, and on July 6 Transport Canada qualified it for operation as a Basic Ultralight Aircraft. The single-seat personal aerial vehicle (PAV) created by aviation company OPENER has simple controls and requires no special skills to operate, though in Canada, operators are required to have an ultralight aircraft license. BlackFly is designed to take off from small grassy areas, while eight propulsion systems allow it to steadily fly distances of up to 60 kilometres at speeds of up to 115 kilometres per hour. OPENER says their longterm vision is to integrate BlackFly in rural and urban commuting networks. Watch the video of BlackFly in action below.