Amplifon – Sounds of Street View from Amplifon UK on Vimeo.

Much of the world is available to the armchair explorer through Google's street view. But do you ever wish the experience was even more immersive? 3D glasses notwithstanding, a new mapping platform is adding another sense to your digital travels: sound.

Sounds of Street View aims to make the experience as real as possible, by taking inspiration from the human ear. As such, as you pan through the street view scene (they currently have three locations available: Place du Palais in France, Hapuna Beach in Hawaii and Balboa Park in California) the direction you're facing affects how sound is heard — brighter in front and duller behind.

Amplifon, the company responsible, includes a detailed and graphics-heavy demonstration of how they achieve the realistic effect. The simplified version is that they tie sounds to individual Google Maps markers instead of images. In the same area of the site, they've also included a 6-step process for fledgling coders to create their own scene.

In case you doubted their love affair with sound, Amplifon waxes poetic with the following: “it’s one of the most important human senses, which affects how we observe the world and how we interact, such as giving us an ultimate sense of direction or knowing when danger is upon us.”