• Adam Shoalts north Arctic Circle exploration maps cartography

    A map of Adam Shoalts' solo across the Arctic journey. (Map: Chris Brackley/Can Geo)

It’s one heck of a hike. Explorer Adam Shoalts, a Fellow of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and named one of the nation’s top 100 explorers in 2015 by Canadian Geographic, is ten days into his latest expedition, travelling solo by foot, pack raft and canoe from the Alaska-Yukon border to Hudson Bay. Shoalts’ Trans-Canada Arctic Expedition, informally known as “Alone Across the Arctic,” will cover some 4,000 kilometres generally along the Arctic Circle (66°33'), and is expected to take five months.

Since kicking off his journey, Shoalts has rafted across the Crow River and is now waiting for the Bell and Porcupine River's ice to break up before he can continue on his journey.

Canadian Geographic cartographer Chris Brackley mapped Shoalts’ epic route for the magazine's March/April print edition. That map is above to give a sense of the expedition’s impressive length and as a reference point for his progress as he checks in via satellite tracker during his journey.