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Canada, it seems, was made for stories. Think about it: the stunning variety of backdrops that, while beautiful, can be arduous; the cultural mosaic of characters; the unique spirit that seems ingrained in all northern countries. It's no wonder that legions of writers have made Canada their muse, bringing our country to life for the world. We wanted to honour some of their stories.

Inspired by this map, some Canadian Geographic editors got together and picked out a few of our favourite books that are set in each province or territory. While each of these was written by a Canadian, there are many foreign literary giants who have been captivated by Canada. (Looking at you, Jack London.)

Perhaps it goes without saying, but this list is hardly definitive. A book is ultimately a subjective experience and we looking forward to hearing what titles you would have picked instead. Please suggest your alternatives in the comments, and help readers find more great novels set in Canada.