• (Map: Nick Walker/Canadian Geographic)

Would you live in a place called Murder Bay? What about along Broken Skull River? Freak Island? These may sound like places from the pages of a spooky storybook, but they're in fact real Canadian locations. 

Some, like Saskatchewan's Sleepy Hollow, ring familiar. Others, like New Brunswick's Pull and Be Damned Narrows, makes you wonder what sordid backstory led to its moniker (for the record: this particular name reportedly arose from how hard it was to paddle against the rush of the Letang River.)

Whether the place name was inspired by the afterlife – Tombstone Pass, Hell Gate, RIP Point – or pays tribute to a classic Halloween trope – Broomstick Island, Pumpkin Hill, Skeleton Valley – explore the map above to discover some thrilling and chilling Canadian locales.