• The majority of voters preferred option three (far right), with that image garnering 40 per cent of the tally. Options one and two received 22 and 37 per cent of the vote.

“Sand, water, easy livin’.” So commented one of our followers in explanation of their vote for the cover of our Summer 2017 issue of Canadian Geographic Travel (held each issue to solicit our followers’ feedback to help us determine an issue’s front page). And in a way, that’s the kind of sentiment we were aiming for with our cover feature on nine of Canada’s best island getaways. That’s at least part of what attracts us to such places.  

Little surprise, then, that the cover that voters preferred (option three, obviously) won the competition, nabbing 40 per cent of the tally (options one and two received 22 and 37 per cent of the vote).

Coincidentally, option three was my personal favourite, too — and my preference seems to rarely be the same as that of the voters. I thought the photo’s composition was particularly striking, that the colour was bright and cheerful (perfect for summer), and, more than anything else, I thought I want to visit that spot! What other reaction should a travel magazine cover aspire to?

At any rate, the clear victory made our decision an easy one. And more importantly, made me right. Keep that up, voters.

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