Sometimes a gut feeling just can’t be denied. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but there was something particularly captivating — perhaps it’s that accessible boardwalk leading into a lush forest? — about option four in the cover vote for the Spring 2016 issue of Canadian Geographic Travel. (As regular followers know, we ask for your help in choosing our cover each issue.)

Publisher Gilles Gagnier also liked it best. And the option wouldn’t have been in the running if photo editor Jessica Finn and art director Javier Frutos hadn’t seen something in it, too. Turns out, voters agreed with our collective instinct, selecting the image from Gwaii Haanas National Park as a hands-down winner (it garnered 36 per cent of the vote; options one, two and three nabbed 21, 27 and 16 per cent).

So it was pretty much unanimous, excepting the reservation of our newsstand expert Scott Bullock, who preferred the dramatic mountain vista in option two. Why the forest boardwalk won, exactly, I’m not sure. Perhaps, as many voters commented, we’re intrigued about what lies around the corner on that path. Regardless, the image captured the most attention, and at the end of the day, that’s the job of a great magazine cover.

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