• 50 per cent of voters agreed that option one was tops

“Number one is hands down the best.” So wrote Canadian Geographic’s newsstand sales consultant Scott Bullock in response to a selection of cover options shared with him before we made our final picks for the March/April 2017 issue cover vote (held each issue to solicit feedback from our followers).

We consult Bullock for good reason. Not only does he help immensely by making improvements to our cover lines and design, but thanks to his years of experience he more often than not knows what will resonate best with readers. Indeed, a full 50 per cent of voters agreed that option one was tops. (Options two and three were distant trailers at 22 and 21 per cent, while option four clearly didn’t excite many, nabbing just seven per cent.)

Voters generally commented that the cover design featuring the towering iceberg was crisp and clean — a particularly stunning and immediately eye-catching depiction of Canada’s North. Those adjectives are all crucial elements of the most successful magazine covers, which bodes well for newsstand success. 

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