• Cover options Can Geo July/August 2017

    Option two won by just three per cent. 

Well, this was one of the closest cover votes in a while. The three options for the July/August issue of Canadian Geographic were separated by margins of just four per cent. 

Perhaps not coincidentally, our internal team of experts was similarly divided on which version was best: publisher Gilles Gagnier favoured option one; newsstand sales consultant Scott Bullock preferred option three (as did I); creative director Javier Frutos thought option two was tops.

In the end, most voters sided with Frutos, commenting generally that the image was most captivating, felt ruggedly Canadian and had great contrast (it garnered 36 per cent of the total, while options one and three nabbed 32 and 33 per cent). I think the result may indicate something bigger about how Canadians see our nation.

That these three distinct options (from the North, the West and the Great Lakes) received an almost even number of votes shows how diverse our appreciation is for our Canadian landscapes. And what could be more fitting on the occasion of Canada’s 150th anniversary? It's too bad we couldn’t have three covers on one issue. Here’s hoping all Canadians will agree with the final selection.  

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