• January/February 2018 cover

    Cover options for the January/February issue of Canadian Geographic. Option three was the clear winner, earning 48 per cent of the audience vote. (Photos, left to right: Gary and Joanie McGuffin, Robin O’Neill and Nick Hawkins)

Wrong. It’s not often that no one on our team of experts — including newsstand director Nathalie Cuerrier, newsstand consultant Scott Bullock, creative director Javier Frutos and myself — picks the image that ultimately wins our cover vote (held each issue to solicit feedback from our followers to help us choose the front page).

Going into the tally for Canadian Geographic’s January/February 2018 issue, which is wholly dedicated to The Great Trail (the world’s largest network of recreational trails, formerly known as the Trans Canada Trail), we strongly favoured options one and two. In the end, these garnered just 22 and 30 per cent of the vote. No one predicted that option three, a dramatic vista of the Bay of Fundy coast, would win a decided victory with 48 per cent. (Of course, we still felt it was a strong candidate, or we’d never have included it!)

And this is exactly why we do this exercise: to gauge the reaction of our readers, the people who will ultimately buy the magazine. Voters commented that the image depicts the most attractive hiking destination, a spectacular view and one of the nation’s most renowned locations. We can’t argue much with that. Fundy it is.

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