Photo: Option two garnered 44 per cent of the votes

When we ask our audience for help in selecting our covers (as we do in advance of each issue’s publication), I often feel a bit detached from the process. While we offer three cover choices (and sometimes four) that I’m completely satisfied are legitimate options, I often have a personal favourite (and as a magazine editor, I’d like to hope I have some sense of what should be best). But to see my preference lose can be somewhat disheartening, so I try to disconnect myself.

Still, when my favourite cover wins, as it did this issue (option two took the tally with 44 per cent of votes), I feel a certain satisfaction (as in, maybe that means I do know what’s best?). To me, there was something particularly striking about the image of the small cruise ship sitting in a fog-enshrouded inlet in British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest — the contrast of the bright white boat against the lush green canopy on the mountainside. (Option one, meanwhile, garnered 36 per cent of the vote, while option three was a distant third, with 21 per cent.)

Clearly, readers agreed. So, too, did a number of others from our publishing team, though it was not unanimous. Hopefully that means we’ve done our job right and offered up a number of choices, any of which could rightfully grace the cover. Still, it feels a little better when you’re right.

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