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    Option one was the stand-out winner with 45 per cent of the cover vote.

For an issue titled Best Wildlife Photography 2018, the image that adorns the cover needs to live up to high expectations. Any of these wonderful cover options would do the trick: the artful polar bear, intriguing bighorn sheep or legendary spirit bear. So we turned to the keen eyes of our readers to gather feedback on our three cover options (something we regularly do for Canadian Geographic and Canadian Geographic Travel).

This year, we did something different with Best Wildlife Photography. To close out Canada’s 150th year and usher in the next 150, we decided to draw on worthy images from the title’s past seven issues to showcase a selection of photography shot by Canadian Geographic Photo Club members that’s truly the best of the best. It’s fitting then, that this year’s cover vote winner (and the top choice of Canadian Geographic’s newsstand sales consultant Scott Bullock) is the polar bear in Manitoba’s Wapusk National Park, an image that harkens back to the cover of our very first issue of Best Wildlife Photography.

Shot by the award-winning Photographer-in-Residence for One Ocean Expeditions, Daisy Gilardini, the stand-out stark white image garnered 45 per cent of the vote, followed by the bighorn sheep by photographer and Photo Club member Henrik Nilsson with 29 per cent, and the spirit bear (also shot by Gilardini) coming in a close third with 26 per cent.

“Everyone likes polar bears, and predators make great covers because of the attention-grabbing power they have on newsstands,” said Canadian Geographic creative director Javier Frutos. “The pose, the eye contact and a perfectly exposed and framed photograph makes this one a winner on every level.”

“This cover is the best ever in my view,” added Bullock.

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