They say sharing is caring. But what are we caring about, exactly? In this case, the people behind a new taxi mapping visualization seem to care an awful lot about cutting emissions in one of the world's biggest cities.

Over one year, HubCab tracked 170 million taxi trips in New York City. The resulting map is a beautiful peek inside the city's brain. But it's purpose is not just to delight our eyes — it's also to encourage viewers to make connections that will help both the individual and the collective.

As they put it: “HubCab allows [users] to investigate exactly how and when taxis pick up or drop off individuals and to identify zones of condensed pickup and dropoff activities. It allows you to navigate to the places where your taxi trips start and end and to discover how many other people in your area follow the same travel patterns.”

The application will tell you how much money and CO2 emissions you could be saving by sharing a cab ride with people who are regularly going the same way as you.

So what do you think? Will you be using HubCab on your next trip to The Big Apple?