FRESH SEA AIR and a quaint historic atmosphere make Charlottetown ideal for leisurely summer strolls. And now visitors wishing to take a tour need not worry about finding a guide. Thanks to Charlottetown’s interactive walking tours, dubbed “iWalks,” visitors can take free guided trips through the city at their own pace. Three different tours can be downloaded onto Blackberries and iPhones. The “People’s Waterfront” route includes the popular boardwalk at Peake’s Wharf; “Great George Street” showcases the city’s grand old architecture; “Ghost and Gallows” introduces Charlottetown’s spooky side through tales of local witches and ghosts. Walks take between 45 minutes and one hour. But the beauty of an iWalk, of course, is that you can pause your guide, swing into a shop or stop for a bite, and then continue at your leisure.