• Using GPS tracking technology, Japanese artist Yassan travelled the world and, through his movements, wrote a giant message of peace across the globe. (Photo: Yassan Takahashi)

Yassan Takahashi, a GPS artist based in Japan, wanted to send a simple message to the world: Peace on Earth. On February 2 he completed his task is spectacular form, travelling 105,734 kilometres for 41 days across six continents with a GPS tracker in his pocket.

He uploaded the data to Google Earth to create a drawing on a map that spells the word “PEACE” across the planet.

“Right now, the world is embroiled with conflict,” says Yassan. “In a world like this, is there any way for one person to be heard above the chaos? After a long time of thinking, I thought of the above message.”

The trek, sponsored by Japan Airlines, is outlined in the short documentary below and will likely land Yassan in the Guinness Book of World Records for a second time (he received his first record in 2008 when he wrote “Marry Me?” across Japan).