• Winner of the Canadian Landscapes category in the 30th Annual Photo Competition

    Winner: Canadian Landscapes category
    A foggy early morning scene is transformed when the sun finally rises in Ottawa, Ontario. (Photo: Ramin Izadpanah)

  • Winner : Active Outdoors category

    Winner : Active Outdoors category
    A wood stove warms the inside of a tent during a winter camping trip in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario. (Photo: Steve Elms)

  • Winner: Wild Weather category

    Winner: Wild Weather category
    A rare early springtime thunderstorm rises and rains over the Alberta prairies along Hwy 587 north of Wimborne, Alberta. (Photo: Brian Constantine)

  • Winner: Flora and Fauna category

    Winner: Flora and Fauna category
    A green heron catches dinner at Mud Lake in Ottawa, Ontario. (Photo: Daniel Parent)

  • Winner: Urban Canada category

    Winner: Urban Canada category
    In Vancouver, just below West Hastings Street, a cyclist walks along an alley covered in graffiti. (Photo: Angeline Haslett)

Canada is full of visually arresting scenes, and if the winning images from the 30th Annual Photo Competition are any indication, Canadian photographers are great at capturing them.

From a shiver-inducing winter camping photo that also manages to communicate coziness, to a moody morning that lasted mere minutes before the sun burned away the fog, these are the 2015 winners of Canadian Geographic’s annual photo competition.

Don’t miss the similarly stunning runner-ups and honourable mentions, viewable at annual15.canadiangeographic.ca. If these photos inspire your own inner (or outer) shutterbug, be sure to enter your own photos in the Show us your Canada photo competition, which closes November 25, 2015.