Call it “precision agriculture,” “prescription farming” or even “space age farming.” Whatever the term, there is something radical happening down on the farm. Making novel use of satellites high above Earth and geographic information systems close to home, farmers are now able to tail or their soil and crop management to the varying conditions of their land — and on a very small scale.

Featured lesson plan: Tourism, Climate Change and Sand Dune Coasts: Stresses, Adaptations, Opportunities?

This lesson is based on current scientific research. Changes in climate can result in changes to sand dune coasts – both to the shoreline and the dunes. They can also cause changes that impact tourist use of the coast. Changes in tourism, such as the number of tourists and the season of their visits, can also impact the coastline. In this lesson, students will conduct a field study to help them answer the following questions: How can the impacts on tourism interact with the impacts of tourism on a sand dune coast? Will tourism be helped or hampered by the anticipated warmer, drier summer climate of the future in Prince Edward Island; or are there positive adaptations?